Water Bottles

For delivery and storage of potable water.

Useful volume — 18,9 litres.

Material — polycarbonate.

Svetlana Kolesnik
Sales Manager (bottles, caps, pumps)
GSM: +38 050 464 76 55
E-mail: kolesnik@yujin.com.ua

Only one grade of polycarbonate, LEXAN PK2870, is used for the production of bottles. The producer of material is “Sabic Innovative Plastics”.

Polycarbonate LEXAN PK2870 obtained certificates issued by corresponding organs of European Union and the USA, allowing contact with potable water (see technical specifications).

Hygienic expert opinion of MOZ Ukraine one can see here.


Absence of seams.

Low inner strain.

High shockproof.
Videos of Crash Tests: neck, bottom .

Stable putting of caps: considerably lower variations in diameters and neck forms (0.15mm compared to 0.75mm for extrusion with blow molding).

Bottles are produced on special equipment of Nissei ASB company (Japan).

Method of bottles production is injection blow molding.

Production Process
  1. Production of molds and formation of necks by molding.
  2. Conditioning of molds (adjustment to optimal temperature).
  3. Inflation inside molds.
  4. Cooling inside molds and release of final product.