Production Of Parts From Plastic

Plant “YUJIN Ltd” manufactures products from thermoplastic materials by molding (made to individual orders).

Products manufactured at the YUJIN Ltd. plant are being used in car industry, electric industry, navigation equipment, household appliances and other industries.

Molding is accomplished on special equipment—injection molding machine (IMM). Parts formation is made by injecting melted material into press molds.

Order Presentation
Olga Chkhetiani
Buyer & Sales Manager (special orders)
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Separate mold and IMM is necessary for each part.

Molds are manufactured at specialized plants.

For producing plastic parts it is necessary:

  1. Evaluate possibility of production and approximate cost.
  2. Make molds.
  3. Select IMM.
  4. Determine production cost.
  5. Make pilot samples, verify cost and confirm quality.

Apply to our specialists for consultations and beginning of work.

Input Data For IMM Selection
  1. Weight or volume of part (including runners).
  2. Type of material.
  3. Drawing, sketch or sample of articles.
  4. Number of cavities.
  5. Sketch of lay-out (arrangement) of cavities relative to the plane of mold opening (or sample of molding together with runners).
  6. Mold dimensions (in open and closed state).

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Input Data For Calculating Molding Cost
  1. Type of IMM.
  2. Net weight of a part.
  3. Weight of runners.
  4. Necessity of secondary operations (cutting of runners, assembly, etc.)
  5. Time of cycle (tentative time of cycle is calculated by the manufacturer of molds, exact time is determined at producing pilot samples of parts).
  6. Material grade.
  7. Drawing of a part.
  8. Approximate production volume.
  9. Special requirements.

Additional cost:

  • cost of mold depreciation ( except cases when customers’ press molds are used)
  • cost of secondary operations (eg., assembly)
  • cost of packing
  • cost of transportation