Yujin Ltd Quality Policy

Our Goal

To improve an enterprise economic situation for the account of production and sale of high quality, competitive products made of plastic at a stated time and in the set volumes with ensuring of the highest level of satisfaction of external and internal consumers.

Our Methods

  • Excellent quality is in the best way reached by prevention of problems occurrence, but not after appearance of problems.
  • Reduction of production costs at the expense of decrease in defectiveness level of the produced products, analysis of technical and economic indicators, application of preventive and corrective actions.
  • Carrying out of marketing researches of suppliers, consumers, competitors.
  • Use of scientific and technical innovations, focus on introduction of new technologies.
  • Maintaining of excellent quality demands constant perfection of processes. It means that whatever good now our activity is, it can become even better.
  • Each worker of the enterprise understands that our products should satisfy the consumer more than similar products of competitors.
  • Systematic and continuous training of heads, specialists and workers, working on production.
  • Improvement of quality management methods of the produced products.
  • Obligatory improvement and fulfilment in full volume by all workers of QMS (quality management system) requirements, normative documents, regulations of the enterprise developed according to ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Our Principles

  • We do not make a compromise with ethics for the sake of profit.
  • Principles of enterprise life – the highest criterion for the manager.
  • Consumers are the key figures in our business. Not they depend on us, but we depend on them.
  • Supplier of raw materials and services – our partners. We should familiarize them with our business, build and develop with them confidential relations.
  • We will right in time deliver to our customers competitive, defectless products and services which meet their requirements or surpass them.
  • Each worker bears responsibility for the quality of his/her work, and honesty performs the work.
  • Issues of products quality improvement concern all departments of the enterprise.
  • Each worker, performing his/her work at a production process stage, considers the worker on the following operation as the consumer.
  • Quality assurance is a high culture of production on each workplace.